Comfort should be one’s top priority when styling an outfit. Dressing casually but in a stylish way is something we all want. Going out with friends, to casual parties, business meetings and to family dinners, you need to dress in a way that looks stylish but not too extra.

Save yourself some time and do not stress much about it as we have listed below ideas that will help you in dressing casual but chic, just the way you like. 

Think about wearing layers, not individual pieces

Wearing a same coloured outfit will not stand out, you need to add layers to it in the form of a blazer, a long coat. Wearing a white t shirt with blue jeans and a descent blazer looks super stylish and the great thing is it is comfortable as well. You will get ready in few minutes without putting too much thought. .

Go for neutral colours

Blacks, greys, whites are the best options because you can easily mix and match according to your own preference and you can always style these colours with accessories that you like. Wearing jewellery and carrying a stylish handbag with your basic outfit adds so much style to it and you will look glamor in less time and it won’t cost you much.

Get a few nice t-shirts

T-shirts are your friends. You can style them in so many different ways and these are the best way to dress casual but chic. You have different options like wearing blazers, sweaters, coats, accessories and pairing them with nice shoes and you are ready to go. You can style one t-shirt in different ways and that is the best part about these.

Buy some jackets, sweaters, and outer wear .

For t-shirts, you will always need a good coat, blazer or a stylish sweater so investing in these is a pretty good option. You can style them according to your own taste and there is no pressure on you to dress a certain way and also you will never get tired of styling these.

Shoes and Accessories

When you wear a nice outfit, shoes and accessories play an important part in making it stylish or boring. Wear nice and descent shoes with your outfits, black coloured shoes never go wrong so buying a pair of black shoes along with some jewellery pieces are important in order to look chic. Wear a simple watch and you are ready to go! Similarly bags also play an important part, wearing a leather bag with your simple outfit will make you look chic. Always buy less but make sure that accessories you bought will look stylish with your outfits.

These are some of the ways to look chic. Hope it will help you in styling your outfits.